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A review of dipterocarps: taxonomy, ecology and silviculture

A review of dipterocarps: taxonomy, ecology and silviculture

Dipterocarps are one of the best known and commercially important groups of tropical trees. They preside over some of the most magnificent forest formations in the world. Exploitation of dipterocarp-dominated tropical rain forests has expanded rapidly in the past 20 years. Efforts to develop and implement sustainable management practices are being intensified and there is a pressing need for high quality information on which to base management decisions and reorient research. This book is a critical compilation of the results of research spanning 150 years on the taxonomy, ecology, silviculture and non-timber forest products of these trees. The 13 authors are internationally recognised as specialists in their fields, and the 10 chapters provide comprehensive digests of information and identification of priority research needs.

Authors: Appanah S.; Turnbull, J.W.; eds

Topic: Dipterocarpaceae,ecology,silviculture,taxonomy,non-timber forest products,research

Geographic: Asia

Pages: 220p.

Publisher: CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia

Publication Year: 1998

DOI: 10.17528/cifor/000463

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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