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The Role of bamboo in development

The Role of bamboo in development

Bamboo has an important role to play in development. It is a natural tool with which to encourage sustainable, integrated farming systems and an excellent resource on which to build a variety of income and employment-generating opportunities. With its multiple uses and high value in a range of products aimed at national and international markets, there is great potential for value-adding operations, and many different entry points for development intementions which are accessible to and appropriate for resource-poor people. In order to do this well, improved understanding is required about the bamboo sectors, about the people involved and about the main problems they face. Research is needed on the economic, policy, institutional and social aspects of the bamboo sectors, as well as on the technical aspects involved. In this way, interventions can be focused to address the real problems and opportunities faced by people, and from this basis a well-targeted research and development agenda can be designed.

Authors: Belcher, B.

Topic: bamboo, bamboos, people, environment, development, Non Timber Forest Products

Publication Year: 1996

ISBN: 81-86247-15-7

Source: Bamboo, People and the Environment: Socio- economics and culture. 147

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