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Institutional aspects of artisanal mining in forest landscapes, western Congo Basin

Institutional aspects of artisanal mining in forest landscapes, western Congo Basin

This contribution examines the multiple impacts of artisanal mining in the high-biodiversity forest of the Congo Basin’s Sangha Tri-National Landscape (TNS), and proposes measures for improving livelihoods in the area. It was concluded from a literature review, interviews and site visits that: diamonds and gold are an important but highly variable income source for at least 5% of the area’s population;
environmental impacts are temporary and limited, mainly caused by mining inside the parks; overlaps between artisanal small-scale mining (ASM), large-scale mining (LSM), timber concessions, and national and trans-boundary protected areas have intensified competition for land resources; and despite the existence of legal frameworks, ASM is largely informal. Cross-boundary agreements concerning the TNS do not address mining, albeit a regional approach of mining policies is recommendable to reinforce beneficial outcomes for the landscape and the area’s population.

Authors: Schure, J.; Ingram, V.; Tieguhong, J.C.; Ndikumagenge, C.

Topic: mining,impact,natural resources management,national parks,timbers

Geographic: Congo Democratic Republic

Publisher: CRC Press, London, UK

Publication Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-0-415-58267-4

Source: Runge, J., Shikwati, J. (eds.) Geological resources and good governance in Sub-Saharan Africa: holistic approaches to transparency and sustainable development in the extractive sector.

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