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Land transformation and its consequences

Land transformation and its consequences

Global change has many facets; key human interactions with the environment include changes to land-use and land-cover that can alter biochemical cycles and affect the climate system. If the goal of achieving sustainable development in the context of global change does not consider human dimensions, well understood biogeochemical processes will have little practical meaning.

Authors: Murdiyarso, D.; Lasco, R.D.; Sheil, D.; Wasrin, U.R.; van Noordwijk, M.; Meijaard, E.

Topic: environmental change, climate change, ecology

Geographic: South East Asia

Publisher: Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, Selangor, Malaysia

Publication Year: 2009

ISBN: 978-983-3782-62-8

Source: Lebel, L. Critical States: Environmental challenges to development in Monsoon Southeast Asia. 135-145

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