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The longhouse of the tarsier: changing landscape, gender, and well being in Borneo

The longhouse of the tarsier: changing landscape, gender, and well being in Borneo

Change has been a central feature of life in Kalimantan during the last half of the 20th century, and the analyses in this collection reflect that reality. The landscape has been nearly totally transformed and the people have both adapted to such changes and been among the actors creating them. This collection, which begins with analyses performed in the 1980s, continues throughout the 1990s, and ends with perspectives from the 21st century, captures the phenomenal changes, both environmental and social, that have characterized these people’s lives. Yet, there remains a core of behaviour and beliefs that makes the Uma’ Jalan the people they are.

Authors: Colfer, C.J.P.

Topic: fire,forest fires,gender,tenure,forest policy,forest governance,CIFOR,agroforestry,agroforestry systems,indigenous knowledge,fire causes,fire management,fire effects,community forestry

Geographic: Kalimantan

Series: Monograph no. 10

Publisher: Borneo Research Council, Inc., Maine, USA

Publication Year: 2008

ISBN: 1-929900-10-4

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