Social sustainability in the forest

Social sustainability in the forest

This article is a brief progress report of a project aiming to test criteria and indicators for the social dimensions of sustainable forest management. It explains our conceptual starting point for our research, including a defintion of well-being, our perspective on the actions of people, and brief mention of intergenerational distribution. We then provide an account of what exactly has been done in the field tests, followed by a section on lessons learned. We conclude with some ideas for next steps, and with a summary of principles, criteria, indicators and verifiers pertaining to people’s roles in sustainable forest management.

Authors: Wollenberg, E.; Colfer, C.J.P.

Topic: sustainability,social activities,forests

Publication Year: 1996

ISSN: 1022-5439

Source: ITTO Tropical Forest Update 6(2): 9-11

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