Wood, fuelwood, and non-wood forest products

Wood, fuelwood, and non-wood forest products

Authors: Sizer, N.; Bass, S.; Mayers, J.; Arnold, J.E.M.; Auckland, L.; Belcher, B.; Bird, N.; Campbell, B.M.; Carle, J.; Cleary, D.; Counsell, S.; Enters, T.; Fernando, K.; Gullison, T.; Hudson, J.; Kellison, B.; Klingberg, T.; Owen, C.N.; Sampson, N.; Vermeulen, S.; Wollenberg, E.; Shackleton, S.; Edmunds, D.

Topic: forest products,wood,fuelwood,non-timber forest products,ecosystems,environmental management,forest policy,local communities,rural communities,assessment,Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (Program)

Series: Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Series no. v. 3

Publisher: Island Press, Washington, D.C., USA

Publication Year: 2005

Source: Chopra, K., Leeman, R., Kumar, P., Simon, H. (eds.) Ecosystems and human well-beingpolicy responses. 257-293

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