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Introduction to forest yield forecasting

Introduction to forest yield forecasting

This paper presents forest growth and yield forecasting and its place in forest management and policy making. The range of goods and services provided by forests, apart from timber is noted as an important factor in these models for formulating prescriptions and policy. The expanding role of forest forecasting in the three areas of anthropogenic emissions, socioeconomics and ecology as they relate to forest management and planning is discussed. Plantation yield models and growth models for mixed forests are presented along with suggestions for alternative terms and verification techniques to reduce problems of interpretation.

Authors: Vanclay, J.K.

Topic: forests,yields

Publication Year: 1995

Source: Yield Forecasting Seminar organised by FAO, CEC-DG VI Agriculture, CEC-JRC Ispra and CEC-Eurostat, 24-27 Oct. 1994, Villefranche sur Mer, France. 401-408

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