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Policy analysis and environmental problems at different scales: asking the right questions

Policy analysis and environmental problems at different scales: asking the right questions

This article discuss a search for a common understanding of three environmental
problems linked to land use change in Southeast Asia: smoke pollution, degradation of
biodiversity functions, and degradation of watershed functions. The objectives of this
special issue are to identify usable data and methods for quantifying the impact of land
use change on these environmental problems, to identify gaps in either data or
methods and, where gaps exist, to set priorities for filling them. That assessment will
be done in greater detail in the conclusion part. In this paper, it begins the process by raising policy analysts’ basic questions for each environmental problem in turn and making a preliminary assessment of where each of these three problems lies in the ‘environmental issue cycle’.

Authors: Tomich, T.P.; Chomitz, K.; Francisco, H.; Izac, N.A.; Murdiyarso, D.; Ratnere, B.D.; Thomas, D.E.; van Noordwjik, M.

Topic: land use change,impact,environmental degradation,biodiversity,watersheds,air pollution,smoke,assessment

Geographic: South East Asia

Publication Year: 2004

ISSN: 0167-8809

Source: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 104(1): 5-18

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