Beyond timber: certification of non-timber forest products

Beyond timber: certification of non-timber forest products

Because the term non-timber forest products encompasses such a vast array of goods,
various certification schemes are being applied to them with greater or lesser degrees
of success and relevance. This review positions NTFPs within the context of
sustainable forest product certification, describing the limitations and adjustments that
need to be made for the tool to be applied. Drawing from case studies in Latin
America, many impediments to successful implementation of NTFP certification are
described including high costs, inaccessibility for small producers, lack of organization
among collectors, and lack of adequate land tenure required for certification. In spite of
significant obstacles, there are a number of successful experiences that can be
expanded to other products. In addition, the process of creating standards has had
positive ripple effects among producers, traders, companies and policy makers by
planting seeds of a new vision of socially and environmentally responsible forest

Authors: Shanley, P.

Topic: certification,non-timber forest products,sustainability

Publication Year: 2003

Source: ETFRN News (39-40): 65-67

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