Can common property resource system work in Zimbabwe?

Can common property resource system work in Zimbabwe?

Common property resource (CPR) management approaches are now thought to provide a viable alternative to natural resource management. This article contains result of the investigations on common property issues for woodlands in communal areas in Zimbabwe. It reveals numerous cases showing a breakdown of local institutions for CPR management, and the lack of any emerging alternative institutions for such management. A number of economic, social and ecological factors contribute to these problems. It argues that current institutional systems are rooted in norm-based controls contrary to the formal rule-based systems that form the cornerstones of the proposed CPR systems. It suggests that interventions that propose CPR systems need critical analysis.

Authors: Campbell, B.M.; de Jong, W.; Luckert, M.; Mandondo, A.; Matose, F.; Nemarundwe, N.

Topic: common property resources,woodlands,resource management,institutions,intervention

Geographic: Zimbabwe

Publication Year: 2002

ISSN: 1016-1503

Source: Zimbabwe Science News 36(1+2): 13-17

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