General description of the Bulungan Research Project

General description of the Bulungan Research Project

This chapter presents the introduction of the natural resources of the study area of the Bulungan Research Project. It covers information on topography, climate, hydrology, geology, soils, forest types, and socio-economic conditions of local people as well as the economic development plan of the local government in the area. Coloured maps of the research locations and statistical data are included.

Authors: Machfudh

Topic: research projects,natural resources,socioeconomics,communities,local government,development plans

Geographic: East Kalimantan,Indonesia

Publisher: CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia

Publication Year: 2002

Source: CIFOR ITTO project PD 12/97 Rev.1 (F): forest, science and sustainability: the Bulungan model forest: technical report phase 1, 1997-2001. 8-22

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