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Curua-Una: 50 anos de Pesquisa

Curua-Una: 50 anos de Pesquisa

The Experimental Station of Curuá-Una is a milestone for tropical silviculture of the
Brazilian Amazon. Here started intensive scientific research about the Amazonian
forests in Brazil. Since nearly 50 years, generations of researchers related to forest
science, used Curuá-Una for experiments and to increase the understanding about the
ecosystem and the impacts of forest management on the vegetation. When we heard
about the plan to close Curuá-Una, we thought to document all these studies and
generated knowledge in a CD. To identify all what has been produced, we started to
research in public and private libraries and established contacts to numerous
researchers. We identified 64 works, published and not published, from 29 authors,
showing a wide variety of topics mostly related to aspects of forest science. To
document and disseminate this diverse knowledge, we produced this CD-ROM, not
considering questions of quality or scientific relevance.To facilitate working with the
CD-ROM, we established keywords and author’s indices as well as other useful tools.
Thus the lector will find a lot of useful information about forestry in the Amazon.
However, the CD-ROM will also reveal one of the most critical deficiencies of scientific
work in the Amazon: the lack of continuity caused by a lack of resources, changing
staff, lost of data, natural events, invasions etc. After studying this work, it will be easily
to imagine the immense value of the described experiments, if they would have been
systematically continued. Thus, we hope that this CD-ROM may contribute to
continuous scientific research in Curuá-Una.

Authors: Pokorny, B.; Vasconselos, L.; eds.

Topic: research,forestry,silviculture

Geographic: Brazil,Amazonia

Pages: 1 CD ROM

Publisher: Faculdade de Ciencias Agrarias do Para (FCAP), Belem, Brazil

Publication Year: 2002

ISBN: 85-7295-025-7

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