Session 1.2 – Country Experiences

Session 1.2 – Country Experiences Chairperson: Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz b S A Kadir, Secretary General, IRRDBTornado disaster assessment of rubber plantations in Western Hainan Island using time series images of Landsat and Sentinel-2 Dr Chen Bangqian, CATAS, P.R. China Climate Change: A planter’s experience with disease outbreaks and the challenges to achieve productivity targets Mr Ashdeepak Singh, Estate Manager, Peninsula Forest Management Sdn Bhd, Selangor, Malaysia Climate change and its impact on the outbreak of Pestalotiopsis epidemic of Hevea in South Sumatra Dr Tri Rapani Febbiyanti, Indonesian Rubber Research Institute Management of Pestalotiopsis outbreak in a rubber plantation in North Sumatra Dr Zaida Fairuzah, Indonesian Rubber Research Institute Preparedness of the Sri Lankan Rubber Sector to minimize the impact of Climate Change Dr Wasana Wjiesuriya, Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka

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