Linking Forests and Fish for Food Security

We document local stakeholder knowledge of the interactions between forests and fish on the Upper Kafue River in Zambia. Local community members describe the products that they collect from forests and rivers and outline the changes that they have observed over time. Officials from the Zambian forestry and fisheries department explain the integrated nature of forests and fisheries as well as existing rules and regulations to protect these systems. The video, encouraging coordinated monitoring and management across watersheds, was produced as part of the Resilient Rivers: Watershed-based management of forests, freshwater, and inland fisheries project led by FAO in partnership with CIFOR-ICRAF and World Fish designed to inspire communities and policymakers around the world to work at the watershed scale. The video is a foundational component of a free, open-access e-learning course ( that coaches students through understanding watersheds as integrated systems; looks at how forests, freshwater, and fish are interlinked and at how best to monitor each facet; and then brings all of the information, including stakeholder knowledge, together to develop a watershed management plan.

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