Moving forward on the governance reform agenda - Learning Event

FAO and World Bank/PROFORIn the past 10 years, countries have recognised that good forest governance is essential to the sustainable management of forests, whether as an engine of poverty reduction and economic development, or as an effective store of biodiversity and carbon to mitigate climate change. At the same time, pressures resulting from decentralisation, Voluntary Partnership Agreements with the EU, implications of the US Lacey Act and emerging biodiversity and REDD+ initiatives have triggered significant changes in how forests are governed and the rule of law promoted. These recent developments require that we take a fresh look at the forest law enforcement, governance and anti-corruption agenda. In order to improve forest governance, it is necessary to understand drivers of illegality and appropriate remedies. The design of policies is essential, but their implementation in the field is a crucial factor as well. This learning event will explore the relationships between national and international reform processes and tangible actions that can strengthen forest law enforcement and governance. The learning event will also discuss how to develop an efficient REDD+ and governance reform agenda and how to confirm its successful implementation through systematic monitoring. Panellists will discuss issues such as transparency and accountability, quality of forest administration and forest law enforcement, use of information technology and governance indicators.

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