REDD+ and Forest Finance - Learning Event

CohostsUNFF and UNEP UN-REDD The value of forests cannot be confined to the functions of one sector. A comprehensive financing approach that recognises the multi-functionality of forests is critical. With REDD+ presenting new funding opportunities, it is important to recognise how these changes will impact financing for the forestry sector. This Learning Event provides the venue for an exchange of experiences on the types of forest financing that help to realise the broader values and services that forests provide. It will use insights from policy analyses and real life experiences to explore the need to cut across sectors, scales, stakeholders and organizations in developing such comprehensive financing approaches. It will pay attention to gaps, challenges and special needs of particular countries and regions, including small-island developing states (SIDS) and low-forest cover countries (LFCC). It will draw on insights from a major international study on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity as well in order to fully present a '360 degree perspective on Forest Finance'.

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