Factoring climate change into local development strategies: Latin America, the Carribean & Africa

Watch this Discussion Forum on the second day of the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, in Lima, Peru, during COP20. Climate-Smart Territories (CST) means socio-geographical spaces where actors collaborate to optimize ecosystem services and agricultural production for the improvement of human well-being in the face of climate change. This session discusses a strategy for the implementation of climate smart territories (CST) with examples from two sites in Central America, as well as the barriers and opportunities for the implementation of CST considering experiences in Central America, Colombia, Nepal and Chad as well as its potential to contribute to countries’ readiness for Climate Smart Agriculture.ModeratorSara ScherrPresident and CEOEcoAgriculture PartnersKeynote SpeakerJosé Joaquín Campos ArceDirector GeneralCentro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y EnseñanzaSpeakersDjimé AdoumExecutive Secretary Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the SahelCarlos Alberto Cuellar MedinaDirector GeneralCorporación Autónoma Regional del Alto MagdalenaAndy JarvisDirector, Decision and Policy AnalysisInternational Center for Tropical AgricultureLeida MercadoLeader Mesoamerican Agroenvironmental ProgramCentro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y EnseñanzaDavid MoldenDirector GeneralThe International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development Sunday, 7 December 2014Global Landscapes Forum, Lima, Peru#COP20GLF #ThinkLandscapeFor more information go to: www.landscapes.org

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