Hidden Benefits of Mangroves: A Story from Pangpang Bay, Banyuwangi

This is a story from local communities living in the mangrove area of Pangpang Bay, Banyuwangi. Pak Eko, Bu Bibit, and Pak Sugiman are fishers living near mangroves. They described the benefits of mangroves, which are rarely heard by most; mangroves also provide livelihood and food security for their families. They encourage people to conserve mangroves based on their experience of being able to catch more fish as more mangroves have grown. The video also includes Pak Hendro, a local mangrove activist who explained the history of mangrove degradation and conservation in Teluk Pangpang, and Ibu Ririn, a fisher’s wife, who described the importance of her husband’s catch from mangroves for her family’s meals.

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