IASC 2013: Communities' perceptions on land tenure

Security of tenure in Indonesia is constrained by the dual nature of land administration. Land designated as forest is controlled by the Ministry of Forestry, which does not recognize the customary rights of communities. We will analyze local perceptions of tenure where customary and state authorities interface and where varying but increasing levels of development interventions exert considerable pressures on forests and people. CIFOR Scientist Esther Mwangi alongside Helen Markelova, Moira Moeliono, Nining Liswanti and Bayuni Shantiko presented on 8 June 2013 at a panel a panel discussion "Spatial Planning in Indonesia: Insights and research from and action in West Kalimantan and Moluccas Provinces" at the 2013 IASC conference held on Mount Fuji in Japan. For more information, please click here: http://www.cifor.org/events/upcoming-events/iasc.html

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