Scenarios building in complex commons: Challenges, opportunities and lessons learned in engaging multiple stakeholders to improve land use decisions

As one of the most populated tropical forest countries in the world, Indonesia faces huge challenges in balancing development, livelihood improvement of its citizens and conservation of its natural assets. Many stakeholders are not involved in the process. An important step to improve the current situation is to facilitate a more collaborative land use planning and allocation process that benefits all parties. Through a series of multiple stakeholder workshops over a two-year period, PPA allowed diverse actors and interests to jointly predict and anticipate trajectories of land use change. CIFOR Scientist Bayuni Shantiko with Nining Liswanti presented on 8 June 2013 for the panel discussion "Spatial planning in Indonesia: Insights from research and action in West Kalimantan and Moluccas Provinces" at the 2013 IASC conference held on Mount Fuji in Japan.

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