Timber industry revitalisation and the role of the domestic timber market in East Kalimantan (Berau and East Kutai)

The main concern for wood processing industries in Berau and East Kutai Districts (and in East Kalimantan as a whole) is uncertainty over supplies of legal timber. While most wood processing units struggle in meeting their raw material demand, this is not due to scarcity of timber. The problem lies in deficient legal framework to enable the utilisation of these resources by local industries. This presentation by CIFOR scientist Krystof Obidzinski gives an overview of the forestry sector in Indonesia and in Kaltim, and then outlines questions and points about revitalising the timber industry that need discussion. He gave this presentation at a district-level Focus Group Discussion (FGD) held on 12 April 2012 in Berau District, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, as part of research activities under the PROFORMAL Project (www.cifor.org/pro-formal).

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