Suitability of Resource Management based on Supernatural Enforcement Mechanisms to Local Socio-cultural Context: Toward self-directed resource management by the people who 'coexist with supernatural agencies'

The local people living in the forest interior of Seram Island, east Indonesia, have divided the primary forest into many small hunting grounds. When the number of animals decreases, owners of forest lots can impose a temporary prohibition on forest use, known as seli kaitahu. The villagers believe any violation of seli kaitahu brings misfortune upon a violator and their family from forest spirits and ancestors. This presentation, given by CIFOR scientist Masatoshi Sasaoka at the 17th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management in Malaysia in June 2011, explores how forest game resource use is controlled through the interaction between people and recognised supernatural agents, and how such management practices are suitable to the local socio-cultural context.

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