Secondary forests in Asia - their diversity, importance, and role in future environmental management: Special Issue

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This special issue brings together 15 papers entirely dedicated to secondary forests in tropical Asia: 1. Tropical secondary forests in Asia: introduction and synthesis. 2. A conceptual framework for the assessment of tropical secondary forest dynamics and sustainable development potential in Asia. 3. Formation and recovery of secondary forests in India: a particular reference to Western Ghats in South India. 4. An overview of post-extraction secondary forests in Indonesia. 5. Status and perspectives on secondary forests in tropical China. 6. Secondary forests in the Philippines: formation and transformation in the 20th century. 7. Secondary forests in the lower Mekong subregion: an overview of their extent, roles and importance. 8. Tropical secondary forests in Nepal and their importance to local people. 9. Farming secondary forests in Indonesia. 10. Secondary forests of the Himalaya with emphasis on the north-eastern hill region of India. 11. Secondary forests in swidden agriculture in the highlands of Thailand. 12. Secondary forest situation in Sri Lanka: a review. 13. Large-scale fire: creator and destroyer of secondary forests in Indonesia. 14. The evolution of swidden fallow secondary forests in Asia. 15. Secondary forests associated with rehabilitation of degrated lands in tropical Asia - a synthesis.

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