Fire prevention and peatland restoration: Community-based action in the digital age

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Key messages

  • Peatland restoration efforts should accommodate the development of business models with specific jurisdictions of intervention to clarify target participants, expected investments and beneficiaries/users of environmental services.
  • Augmented participatory action research (PAR) emphasizes the importance of digital technologies and local facilitation for cost-efficient restoration and impact monitoring.
  • Actions on fire prevention and peatland restoration are connected to and strengthened by jurisdictional sustainability leadership and policies.
  • The essence of action research is positioning researchers inside the system and theorizing findings using a constructivist perspective.
  • Fire prevention and peatland restoration should focus on capacity, adaptation and resilience building for local actors on the ground.


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Strengthening Fire Prevention in the Dry Season and El-Niño through Community-Based Peat Restoration in the Digital Age