Agroforestry and sustainable woodfuel: Experiences from the Yangambi landscape in DRC

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Key messages

  • This brief describes the first efforts to integrate agroforestry with charcoal production in the Yangambi tropical forest landscape.
  • Activities resulted in both increased food crop production and reforestation, as well as the establishment of producer-led local associations and greater collaboration between communities and local authorities.
  • Demonstrating the benefits of agroforestry systems as a source of woodfuel, along with capacity-strengthening activities, are critical to the successful adoption of activities by communities, as is ensuring that all activities are participatory and inclusive in nature.
  • Local land tenure and rights must be well understood, as well as how gender dynamics and cultural norms may impact uptake.
  • Finally, understanding local governance systems and social norms is fundamental to ensuring sustainable results.


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