CIFOR-ICRAF in Indonesia: Three decades of partnership

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CIFOR and ICRAF have operated in Indonesia since 1993, conducting demand-driven research in 22 provinces on a wide range of topics related to forests, trees and agroforestry. With a total of USD 245 million invested to date in research projects in Indonesia, as well as extensive capacity development for its Indonesian staff, graduate students, government agencies and the media, CIFOR-ICRAF draws on deep roots in the country to find solutions for both people and the environment.

This report summarizes three decades of CIFOR-ICRAF partnership and engagement in Indonesia across sectors and levels of government, spanning topics such as sustainable landscapes and livelihoods, climate change mitigation and adaptation, food security and nutrition, green growth and gender-responsive approaches.

Indonesia is rich in biodiversity, forest lands and carbon-rich wetlands and has shown global leadership in its commitment to forests, trees and agroforestry-based solutions. For nearly 30 years, CIFOR-ICRAF has provided evidence, analysis and technical support for the development of policies and practice at various levels of government, including Green Growth master plans and roadmaps in five provinces, improvement of Indonesia’s Forest Reference Emission Level, and key policies on peatland fires, oil palm, wetlands management and landscape approaches. Through long-term, focused engagement with several ministries, provincial and local governments, communities, non-governmental organizations, universities and the private sector CIFOR-ICRAF continues to actively support Indonesia’s efforts to meet its commitments to national and international agreements.



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