Insecurity and COVID-19 in Burkina Faso: Opportunities and Risks for Women in the Shea Value Chain

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COVID-19 and insecurity are two scourges that are currently obstructing economic and social well-being in Burkina Faso. They hinder the conduct of agro-sylvo-pastoral activities in this Sahelian country. The actors in the shea butter industry are not immune to these health and security crises. An investigation of the vulnerabilities of the actors in this sector and the opportunities they face proved necessary to contribute to the strengthening of the resilience of shea users and shea parklands by promoting the sustainable and equitable exploitation and management of trees and their products. Information collected through virtual and documentary interviews revealed that the identified negative impacts of the pandemic are also affected by state measures adopted to c`ontain or curb the spread of the Coronavirus-19.

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