Gridded maps of wetlands dynamics over mid-low latitudes for 1980–2020 based on TOPMODEL

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Dynamics of global wetlands are closely linked to biodiversity conservation, hydrology, and greenhouse gas emissions. However, long-term time series of global wetland products are still lacking. Using a diagnostic model based on the TOPography-based hydrological MODEL (TOPMODEL), this study produced an ensemble of 28 gridded maps of monthly global/regional wetland extents (with more reliable estimates at mid-low latitudes) for 1980–2020 at 0.25° × 0.25° spatial resolution, calibrated with a combination of four observation-based wetland data and seven gridded soil moisture reanalysis datasets. The gridded dynamic maps of wetlands capture the spatial distributions, seasonal cycles, and interannual variabilities of observed wetland extent well, and also show a good agreement with independent satellite-based terrestrial water storage estimates over wetland areas. The long temporal coverage extending beyond the era of satellite datasets, the global coverage, and the opportunity to provide real-time updates from ongoing soil moisture data make these products helpful for various applications such as analyzing the wetland-related methane emission.

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