REDD+ Challenges and Lessons Learnt

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Experience to date stemming from the different phases of REDD+ in over 65 countries provides useful insights into both challenges and lessons for the future of REDD+. The questions we seek to answer in this chapter are: 1. Which current technical, institutional, management and financial challenges at the local, sub-national, national and international scales, as well as across these scales, are likely to affect future implementation of REDD+ and related forest-based mitigation activities? 2. For each of these spatial scales, what relevant lessons can be identified for different stakeholder groups? In light of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021 – 2030), we also chose to place an emphasis on exploring some of the parallels between REDD+ and forest landscape restoration (FLR) given that forest restoration is one of the dimensions of REDD+ and an important component of the UN Decade.

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