Getting it right, a training course for organizers and implementers of multi-stakeholder forums

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This Training Course is tailored to support multi-stakeholder forums (MSFs) that focus on a range of environmental and development issues including forest management, protected area management, forest landscape restoration, sustainable agriculture, climate change, carbon mitigation and financing mechanisms. It is designed to provide facilitators with the materials needed to run a four-hour training course on how to address inclusion in MSFs. This training course goes hand-in-hand with the recent Center for International Forestry Research and World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF) publication Getting it right: A guide to improve inclusion in multi-stakeholder forums.

The training provides foundational knowledge, concepts and tools around barriers, and tools to address inclusion as well as lessons learned from around the world that can help organizations involved in organizing and implementing MSFs to improve the inclusion of under-represented people including women, Indigenous Peoples, local community members and others. This facilitated course includes a handbook, a support PowerPoint and four handouts, and several group activities that organizers of MSFs can use to develop strategies and monitor progress towards their inclusion goals.

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