Carbonization 2.0: How to produce more charcoal with less wood and emissions

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This publication is part of a series of briefs describing findings from the EU-funded Governing Multifunctional Landscapes Sustainable Woodfuel project, which aims to contribute to knowledge, options, and networks for more sustainable woodfuel value chains across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Key lessons

Technical and capacity needs
  • Context-specific kiln solutions, with suitable and available materials, acceptable to producers and considering transportation limits and wood sizes;
  • Training to enhance the capacity and technical skills of charcoal producers, combined with awareness raising on the benefits of sustainable charcoal;
  • Access to upfront finances (via partnership with private sector or micro-credits) for investments in improved kilns;
  • Facilitation and capacity development of producer groups or cooperatives, and recognition of their legal status;
  • Technical supervision and further research to optimize efficiency.


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