Gorontalo District, Gorontalo, Indonesia: Sustainable development at a glance

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  • District within one of three Indonesian conservation provinces with around 47% total forest area (~12% of total forest area in the province)
  • Most populous district in the province but with poorly developed infrastructure to be improved through multiple construction projects (e.g., Gorontalo Outer Ring Road, Tapodu Canal, Sediment Traps in estuaries of Lake Limboto)
  • Lake Limboto, a stopover/home for 85 bird species & tourist hotspot, decreasing in size due to sedimentation & upland land use changes despite revitalization efforts
  • Nantu-Boliyohuto Wildlife Reserve (NBWR), one of Sulawesi’s last intact forests, located in Gorontalo & two other districts has high biodiversity, endemic species, & a globally-important saltlick; but also faces increasing pressure from transmigrants/local communities (LC) harvesting timber & non-timber forest products
  • Agriculture is over 35% of district GDP & district has large agricultural potential, esp. for corn & coconut that have guaranteed market opportunities


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