Rezim Air Tanah dan Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca di Hutan Rawa Gambut PT. Rimba Makmur Utama, Katingan, Kalimantan Tengah

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Peat swamp forests provide ecosystem services such as hydrological system balancing for the surrounding area which is characterized by its ability to maintain water level. Measurements of soil water rezime is important to understand its response of equilibrium greenhouse gases flux in peatland. In this research, water level measurements performed using HOBO U20 placed in the 4 observation wells. In addition, the CO2, N2O and CH4 flux measurements by the closed chamber method. Soil water rezime was affected by rainfall and peat soil characteristics including land cover types. Results showed that there was delay in peat to response the rainfall for about one month in the rainfall monthly analysis. Water level was negatively correlated with the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, 0.75±0.06 gr/m2/hr (bush) and 0.46±0.02 gr/m2/hr (secondary forest) in dry condition. Methane (CH4) fluxes were higher in waterlogger peat condition reached 24.57±5.95 mg/m2/hr (bush) and 17.10±3.76 mg/m2/hr (secondary forest), while N2O did not show a significant affected by soil water rezimes.

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