A decade of mangrove conservation achievements and challenges in Vietnam

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Key messages

  • The last decade has seen significant and marked improvements in the legal framework on mangrove protection, increased funding and involvement of non-state actors in mangrove protection and development, lower rates of mangrove forest loss and larger areas of planted mangroves in Vietnam.
  • Despite these remarkable achievements, challenges remain for mangrove conservation, particularly when major drivers of mangrove deforestation and degradation have yet to be properly addressed as they are closely linked to national economic development priorities.
  • Weak law enforcement, overreliance on inadequate central budget financing for mangrove protection, and inequitable distribution of benefits and rights relating to mangrove resources further challenge effective, efficient and equitable mangrove management.
  • The government still affords more attention to planting new mangroves than providing strong incentives for conserving existing mangrove forests.
  • Future mangrove protection and development in Vietnam requires stronger political will from the government to find a balance between economic development and mangrove conservation priorities, as well as participatory decision-making processes where the private sector and local communities are provided with better incentives to engage in mangrove protection.


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