Mainstreaming gender in REDD+ policies and projects in 17 countries

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REDD+ is recognized in the Paris Agreement as a key mitigation policy for addressing climate change. However, a major challenge that has impeded REDD+ is ensuring gender equity. This paper analyses the policies and progress of gender mainstreaming in REDD+ processes in 17 countries between 2008 and 2019. Findings show that there are increasing political commitment and numerous policies in place that emphasize the need for gender equity in REDD+. There are differences in the level of gender mainstreaming across the 17 countries studied. We found several enabling conditions that would help countries to advance gender mainstreaming, including strong political commitment, clear gender action plans, strong law enforcement, dedicated funding for gender, and inclusive decision-making. The paper also illustrates how countries transform political commitment on gender mainstreaming in REDD+ into action.

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