¿Cómo vamos? A tool to support more equitable co-management of Peru’s protected areas

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Key messages

  • Comparative research in four countries has shown that multistakeholder forums (MSFs) are viewed across sectors as a means of fostering a ‘transformational change’ that will address the environmental and social impacts of the climate crisis.
  • In Peru, the Protected Areas Service (SERNANP) requires the establishment of management committees (MCs) or MSFs involving various stakeholders in the management of protected areas.
  • CIFOR and SERNANP co-developed and tested the tool ¿Cómo vamos? (How are we doing?), which enables participatory reflective monitoring in MSFs. The tool was tested with eight of SERNANP’s MCs.
  • Given the positive reception and widespread interest in the tool by stakeholders, SERNANP decided to publish the tool as one of its official documents and to stipulate its annual implementation by the MCs of its 75 protected areas.
  • This brief details the findings of an assessment to understand and verify the adoption, outcomes and potential impacts of the tool in Peru.


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