Methodology for assessing the role of mangroves in trace metal(loid) filtration to develop a mechanism of payments for environmental services for mangroves in Vietnam

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This document aims to provide an understanding of the scientific methodology that can be employed to demonstrate, monitor and assess mangrove-relevant environmental services by using case studies of mangroves in Hai Phong City and the Can Gio district of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. In addition to previous work, this methodology evaluates the water purification services of mangroves in the context of existing policies on payment for forest environmental services in Vietnam, and discusses lessons learned, and funding requirements for effective assessment, evaluation and monitoring of the service. The findings contribute to identifying users and buyers of mangrove environmental services and developing implementation and monitoring mechanisms for payment for forest environmental services (PFES) through the application of environmental indices. The document is made in the hope that future studies can apply its methodology in other regions of the country to develop a database for evaluating the roles of mangroves throughout Vietnam.

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