Nakuru, Kenya: Low-emission rural development (LED-R) at a glance

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  • Kenya’s fourth most populous county, with a density of ~214 people/km2
  • Most of Nakuru’s forests are within the Mau Watershed (one of Kenya’s 5 main water sources), & provide timber & fuel wood as well as employment, though consistent deforestation is impacting ecosystem service provisioning
  • 70% of the county considered arable & highly productive (relatively high nationally, with 20% of Kenya’s area classified as arable)
  • Historical ethnic patronage & conflict between Kikuyu, Kalenjin & other communities stemming from British colonial rule has led to violence & unequal access to land & resources, as well as political conflict
  • Lake Nakuru National park covers only 2.5% of the county’s area, but contains significant biodiversity


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