Oromia, Ethiopia: Low-emission rural development (LED-R) at a glance

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  • Largest Ethiopian region in area, forest cover, & population
  • Contains ~50% of Ethiopia's forests, including over 1.2 million ha of protected areas, wildlife reserves, & community-managed forests
  • 66% of agricultural landholders participated in community watershed management activities (2010-2015), such as constructing terraces & planting trees to optimize production with minimal environmental disturbance
  • Since late 1990s, transfers of medium- & large-scale lands to private companies for agriculture, real estate, & infrastructure have reduced farmers' access -> landbased conflicts & discontent towards federal & regional governments
  • Beginning in 2015, widespread protests by Oromian youths against the federal & regional governments' development strategies -> states of emergencies & change in Ethiopia's leadership (2018)


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