Chapter 2 - SDG 2: Zero Hunger - Challenging the Hegemony of Monoculture Agriculture for Forests and People

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Pressure to increase food production grows with population growth. Agriculture dominates the global landscape, and more food is being produced than ever before. Yet, a large part of the population is undernourished. Concomitantly, much of the agricultural expansion related to achieving global food security is at the expense of forests ecosystems, critical for biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services. SDG 2: Zero Hunger seeks to ‘End hunger, achieve food security and nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture’. This chapter explores the potential impacts of achieving SDG 2 on forests and forest-dependent people. It focuses on five of the SDG 2 targets that are closely entwined with forests and forest related livelihoods. It discusses how the current food system polarises food production and forest conservation, when in fact they should, and can, be harmonised. We conclude with observations on the potential trade-offs and synergies between SDG 2 and the other SDGs, emphasizing the need for integrated land use management.

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