Understading migration and remittance to improve forest management projects and policies: Sysnthesis Report: Tajikistan

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The findings in this report highlight the importance of understanding migration and remittances beyond assumed nationwide trends. When the results were aggregated, the nuances between the two regions were hidden. When the results were disaggregated between the regions, assumed patterns – such as the majority of migrants being external labor migrants – were still identified; however, distinct differences between them were also found. There was regional variation in the status of migrants prior to migrating, motivations for migration, remittance transfer options, proportion of migrants engaged in internal and external migration, and gender dynamics. Equally, for natural resource management use and risk, results also varied regionally. These nuances highlight the importance of having context-dependent forest policies and programs to enhance their effectiveness in promoting sustainable forest management and improved livelihoods that fit to the needs and interests of differing regions.

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