The Alto Mayo Protected Forest's Management Committee: San Martín, Perú

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Key messages

  • Although active participants in the multi-stakeholder forum (MSF) recognize its key achievements, such as multisectoral coordination, they know little about its effects on forest conservation and do not have a systematic way to monitor its progress and results
  • The lack of women’s participation deserves reflection as does the lack of a greater diversity of actors in general in this open and voluntary space. The MSF faces several challenges in equity as its participants do not reflect the diversity of actors in the area; women, indigenous peoples and local populations are underrepresented.
  • Many non-participants of the MSF are not aware of or have little information about its objectives and results. They assume that this is due to a lack of transparency on the part of the organizers.
  • The MSF serves more as a conservation-awareness platform for the Alto Mayo Protected Forest, aimed at strengthening the management of the protected area, rather than acting as a platform for the participation of civil society


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