The Amarakaeri Communal Reserve's Management Committee: Madre de Dios, Peru

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Key messages

  • The functionality of the multi-stakeholder forum (MSF) is undermined when actors prefer to negotiate independently with the Reserve’s co-management partners (Peru’s Natural Protected Areas Service and the Executor of the Administrative Contract of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve)
  • Although active participants in the MSF recognize its key achievements, such as the intercultural co-management of forest conservation and development for indigenous peoples, they do not have a systematic way to monitor their progress and results.
  • Reflection on the lack of women’s participation is needed, especially of indigenous women leaders, as well as the lack of a greater diversity of actors in this open and voluntary space. This includes the perception that even when women are present, they are not able to participate effectively.
  • The exclusion of non-indigenous local actors from the MSF may affect its long-term effectiveness


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