Annual Report 2018: Forests matter

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For over 25 years, CIFOR has brought critical forest research to global discussions, raising the profile of tropical forests and of people who depend on them.
This report shines a light on CIFOR’s achievements in 2018, and celebrates key milestones from a quarter of a century of dedication to forests – dedication from all of the research and support staff who have been at the heart of this organization over the years.
A global timeline details major events, evidence of policy influence, research highlights and outcomes, and key partnerships. Thematic timelines bring forth more specific highlights in forest management and restoration, top global comparative studies, wetlands, gender, food and livelihoods, and communications and outreach.
In 2018, Ethiopia issued a new law recognizing the rights of local communities in forest management and restoration – based in part on our long-term engagement. CIFOR’s Global Comparative Studies – GCS REDD+ and GCS Tenure – continue to deliver results, with a new book analyzing 10 years of research on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), and evaluations that reveal the impact of research on tenure reform in Indonesia, Peru and Uganda.
Peatlands and mangroves were a major focus in 2018, as scientists ramped up efforts to protect these fragile ecosystems. And the momentum inspired by the Global Landscapes Forum is now at full steam, as CIFOR and partners strive to connect ever more people around the landscape approach – both at events and online.
View the full online report, with detailed stories, interactive timelines, videos, photos, publications and more: or download the short summary.

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