Madre de Dios, Peru: Low-emission rural development (LED-R) at a glance

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  • 1 of 6 Peruvian Amazon regions forming the Interregional Amazonian Council (CIAM) to strengthen the decentralization process & formulate an inter-regional agenda for Amazon development
  • Two-thirds of Madre de Dios’ territory is occupied by National Parks, other conservation areas & forest concessions
  • Madre de Dios Regional Government (GOREMAD) & NGOs impelling action on the ground for REDD+, partly motivated by potential for international funding
  • The Indigenous Amazon REDD (RIA) initiative has promoted the design of Life Plans, productive activities & land security for native communities with the support of a diverse RIA Roundtable
  • Initiatives that help secure land tenure for rural villagers have slowed agricultural expansion into forested areas


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