Campeche, México: Low-emission rural development (LED-R) at a glance

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  • Yucatán Peninsula Framework Agreement on Sustainability (ASPY) 2030 signed with 2 other Yucatan Peninsula (PY) states (Yucatán, Quintana Roo) to commit to sustainable development practices
  • ASPY contested based on lack of consultations with indigenous Mayan communities; on legal hold until consultations are carried out
  • Natural protected areas (incl. Calakmul Biosphere Reserve (CBR) – largest tropical reserve nationwide) occupy 41% of the state
  • La Montaña (LM) region: buffer zone around CBR with historical natural & human-induced land use change, significant economically & in terms of forest production
  • 49% of the state is communally-managed (ejidal) land
  • Influx of Mennonite population -> agricultural practices clash with those of Mayan & other migrant agricultural communities


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