Pará, Brazil: Low-emission rural development (LED-R) at a glance

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  • History of grassroots movements & innovative jurisdictional sustainable development policies
  • Unregulated frontier expansion has introduced disordered land occupation, crime & high deforestation rates, but also strong social movements to combat these issues
  • Pará’s Green Municipalities Program (PMV, 2011-2017) was an early jurisdictional approach to LED-R, including incentives such as priority access to credit & technical assistance for municipalities that achieved removal from the federal deforestation blacklist
  • The Cattle Agreement & Grain Protocol have been successful instruments for engaging private sector, civil society & state agencies in reducing deforestation. The Cattle Agreement’s success led to its expansion to other Brazilian Amazon states
  • In recent years there have been efforts to harmonize LED-R in the state under a jurisdictional umbrella strategy, with several initiatives announced


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