Annual Report 2017: Building sustainable landscapes, one policy at a time

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In 2017, as countries ramped up their commitments to address climate change, restore degraded lands and achieve sustainable development, CIFOR accelerated its momentum towards a vision of more equitable, resilient and productive forest landscapes.
Through its unique three pillar approach that combines rigorous scientific research with capacity development and targeted outreach, CIFOR informed new policies and practices at the subnational, national and international level, and demonstrated its unique ability to ensure all stakeholders have a seat at the table – whether at village meetings or global events.
This report features CIFOR’s impact on policies in Latin America, Asia and globally, along with highlights from the Global Landscapes Forum and other key events worldwide. Targeted research and sustained engagement and outreach brought science to policy processes on oil palm and peatland fires in Indonesia, and on restoration through tree plantations in Peru. CIFOR’s findings on forest foods, food security and nutrition drew recognition from the Committee on World Food Security, and the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity endorsed a CIFOR-led roadmap to a sustainable wild meat sector in the tropics.
Patterns are now emerging from CIFOR’s rigorous global comparative research results in countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Global Comparative Study (GCS) on REDD+ is assessing the impact of subnational initiatives, while GCS-Tenure is uncovering how tenure reform affects women and men. Migration and gender, inclusive business models, and online mapping tools are other key research highlights in CIFOR’s ongoing search for answers to the world’s thorniest problems – and how a focus on forests and landscapes can help solve them.
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