How to know it when we see it?: A Case for Forest and Landscape Restoration Quality Standard

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Key points

  • The Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) movement is preparing for large-scale implementation globally.
  • It is crucial to pay attention to the quality of restoration interventions and outcomes.
  • Current tools for planning, assessment or best practice guidelines may not be sufficient to secure effective results.
  • The FLoRES Taskforce1 calls for the development of a Standard for FLR to capture the dynamic, multifunctional and incremental nature of the FLR process.
  • To guarantee its adoption, the FLR standard needs to be developed through a broad-based, participatory process to ensure it is fit for purpose and context adapted.
  • A Standard for FLR can bring multiple benefits for all stakeholders.
  • The purpose of this Brief is to raise awareness and call for action.


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